Solving product & distribution
challenges with comprehensive
solutions and reliable service

Who We Are

Through unique circumstances, common goals and long standing business relationships, this small group of professionals quickly realized that we were uniquely positioned and qualified to create a better solution for procuring the best products and prices for the medical community.

We created Clear Distributors, a partnership dedicated to finding great products at great value for our industry partners.

What We Do

Our focus is to find quality PPE and other medical products that are in demand, and offer them to our network partners at the best possible price. Similar to a GPO, we contract with manufacturers, leveraging the buying power of our huge network and pass the savings to the customers. We do not require a membership, and all businesses are welcome to buy from us at MOQ.


Supply Chain Integrity

As a specialized distributor, Clear takes pride in maintaining an unbroken chain of custody beginning with sourcing of materials, through manufacture and distribution, ending in the receipt of the product by the intended end-user.

Customer Service

Our mission is to provide our customers with seamless and cost-effective access to exceptional products at the best prices. Our goal is to leverage our exclusive partnerships to fulfill the complete needs of our contracted manufacturer partners.